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Let us enhance your well being with one or many of our specialty services, each designed to promote relaxation and truly heal the mind, body, and soul. We combine the best treatments and personalized attention to provide these services to you.
Intuitive body work in a relaxing setting. Don't let the office building fool you; once you step inside the door, It's a relaxing oasis. The hotel spa feel combined with the intuitive touch of this LMT left this harried mom of two, relaxed and ready to take on the world again.
Sarah is wonderful. I am currently training and my muscles definitely need the extra attention that a massage has to offer. The atmosphere is relaxing and Sarah helps a tired body relax after a long bike ride! Its affordable so that I can pamper myself more often than not which is really important!
Luckily, I was able to find this place through Dealfind and I was so happy that I did! One of the BEST massages that I have had here in Orlando. Sarah is AMAZING and I would definitely recommend her to anyone in dire need of an excellent massage. Will definitely be going back for another one...thank you!!
I was planning a long overdue vacation to Orlando and decided I would like to get a massage while I was in town. My upper back and neck are always tight because I work with computers for long hours. I started looking around and found LMT Kneaded through DealFind and I could not be happier!
Sarah scheduled me to come in the evening before we flew out. The building is quite easy to find just a little ways from I-4 in Winter Park. The offices are nice, quiet, and calm and the massage room was totally relaxing. The table was very comfortable with wonderfully soft bamboo (I think) sheets.
I was extremely happy with the massage itself. Sarah started me out on my back and starting with my left arm methodically relaxed my arms, legs, feet and then had me turn over to work on the back. I was especially grateful that after 4 days at Disney she took extra care to really make my feet feel better. One complaint I usually have about massages is that they did not have enough pressure to totally relieve the tension in my back. This was not the case with Sarah, however. She applied the perfect amount and was able to work out the tension in a lot of my problem areas.
She made sure to tell me before we started that if I wanted her to decrease pressure, to let her know, but I didn't feel it was necessary. She obviously knows her stuff and has a good sense of what is needed for her clients, so I highly recommend her.

My first experience with Sarah was a simple 5-minute chair massage from her at an offsite function. I was so impressed, I decided I would look her up if I needed a massage. I am a former Olympic athlete so I maintain a high level of fitness and at times get very sore and struggle with old injuries.
Sarah, was very professional, great location, easy parking, but best of all, she listened to me. That's so important as everyone has their own needs. I had very specific areas that I wanted her to focus on. I received a full body massage but she concentrated on those crucial areas. I felt so much better afterwards.
I have had countless massages. This is the best one I've had in the last ten years. I would highly recommend Sarah for your massage needs. Diane R

2600 Temple Drive
Winter Park, FL 32789
Hours of Operation: By Appointment Only
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