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Chair Massage
LMT Kneaded provides chair massage services at conventions, trade shows, expos, product launches, store grand openings, wellness fairs, small businesses, corporate functions, employee rewards, customer/client appreciation, and at any event where chair massage would benefit the individual and the company.
Therapeutic Massage Treatments:
Swedish Massage 50/80 min
Swedish massage promotes relaxation with the use of gentle but firm pressure. It also improves circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, and improves flexibility.
Therapeutic Massage 50/80 min
Therapeutic massage focuses on aiding in the healing process when a muscular related injury has occurred. Various techniques including neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue, range of motion, and releasing points of tension, muscle spasms, and scar tissue.
Deep Tissue Massage 50/80 min
This treatment covers the major muscle groups with neuromuscular, trigger point therapy, stretching and slower, deeper pressure to relieve chronic pain and discomfort, muscle fatigue and stiffness. The mentality of "No pain, No gain" does not work in this environment. This massage should only go to discomfort, not pain. I recommend using our Arnica Blend oil for this massage.
Lava Shell 80 min
Similar to Hot Stone Massage but uses therapeutic shells. It is only available for the 80 minute treatments

Moisturize your hands and feet with this amazing treatment.

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